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In order to serve you better, you are required to register before browsing this site. Any information entered will be treated as confidential and will NEVER be sold to a mailing list. It is strictly to track usage, customer information, and to monitor image usage.


What started in 1998 as a free tool for my clients to order images on a secret web online catalogue became quickly the most known secret in the MX industry. The thought of a free, industry portal for them to view 100 to 250 images from an event to make their selection for advertising and editorial usage, the server became overloaded within weeks. We had to come up with a password to limit traffic.

We then changed our workflow from film to digital. Now we did not need to scan every single image to put them online, but were able to publish 500 to 1500 image per event as soon as we were back in our studio. Soon we had over 40,000 images online, which is the largest dirt bike online catalogue of the world and traffic slowed down our server too much. Also, our clients were demanding that we make sure just the 'Industry' viewer would have access to the site, or they would not purchase any licensing rights anymore.

We had to change the criteria of who would have access to the site and who would not. As a sign of good will, we had to follow the request and shut the door tighter for the search engine function, but did also put some of the images on the home page free for all to see. However, the amount of requests to have access to the search engine is still overwhelming. Daily many fans try to sign up for access to the site. This made us decide to go new paths: We now want to open our search engine to the guys who are the most important in our sport, to those who make it all happen: To the Fans! To you!

We also knew that we will not only lose some clients and their revenue (those who threatened to close out business with us in the beginning), but also will have increased costs of running the search engine and server with the bigger amount of bandwidth and usage. That is the part where the member fees has to come in as a savior.

For as little as US $24.95 per year (@ $0.50 Cents per week) you will get this:

  • Full access to the world's largest dirt bike online catalogue (we also have Jet Ski, Road Race, Skate and other sport available)
  • No restriction on what you see. You have access to the same stuff the Fox Brothers, Yamaha's, Honda's CEO or other high rollers will see
  • You can order hi quality prints for 50% off.
  • You can download the images for your private use (and private use only!)

This means you can use images as a screen saver, or print them out for your garage or home. No rights are granted beside this! None, Nada, Niet, Nix, Nichts. No web site usage or other out side usage! No rights to complain, whine or request anything (if you want to bitch around go back to your spouse, after all she or he married you for that. Not me!). Just plain personal use, looking at them and enjoy!

There will be no advertising, nor pop up banners on my site! All information will be confidential and not sold, leased or whatever to others! There still will be a free public show of images on the home page, but this one will be limited to a few images only, less than there have been in the past, though. Although this is a free country, you'll get what you paid for. Right?

And what if you are a new client, a new employee or a new company? Of course you guys pay the humongous usage fee and make my living. So to drew you into this, I have to make it easy for you and sign you up for a free industry account.

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